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It was engaging, educational and most of all..fun!

My very first SBN event was the Biotech Expo & Conference. I was amazed by all the various professionals in the biotechnology field who had come together in one place to share their experiences and ideas. I also remember what a great experience it was to attend a network workshop organized by SBN. It was engaging, educational and most of all..fun!

Mona Cheng, Research Associate in Screening, Amgen   |
Attended Biotech Expo & Conference as Member

Excellent venue to get information

The SBN Biotech Expo & Conference was particularly helpful for someone like me who is graduating soon and does not know what options I have outside of academia. It was an excellent venue to get information on a variety of opportunities and network with professionals in a fun, comfortable setting.

Frank Huynh, PhD Candidate in Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences  |
Attended Biotech Expo & Conference as Non-Member

Great way to make connections

Attending SBN events was a great way for me to make connections between what I was learning in school with what was going on the biotech industry

Stephanie Young, BSc. Hon. in Biotechnology  |
Attended as Member

SBN is a great example of interdisciplinary connecting

The Student Biotechnology Network is a great example of interdisciplinary connecting. It connects ideas, students, professors and friends to help the progress of the biotechnology industry.

Tabitha Tombe, Reserach Assistant in Vancouver Prostate Centre  |
Attended Networking Soiree as Non-Member

Rewarding Experience for Everyone

I really appreciated the work the SBN put in and I’m sure it was a rewarding experience for everyone. I would love to stay in touch and learn more about what you guys are doing in BC and maybe emulate some of that in Alberta.

Joshua Benjamin, Master of Biomedical Technology Candidate in   |
Attended Biotech Expo & Conference as Non-Member

I met the right person at the right time

I met the right person at the right time, at an SBN event! It was the networking opportunities that helped me discover alternative options for my career path and connect with someone who did exactly what I wanted to pursue.

Catherine Campbell, PhD in Corporate Development
Associate at Allon Therapeutics Inc.

SBN promotes collaboration

The biotechnology industry needs the collaboration of many stakeholders to be successful – human knowledge, excellent science, regulatory know-how and smart capital. The SBN is a great forum for learning and sharing of all these aspects in a beneficial and fun way.

Julia Fan Li
PhD Candidate in at University of Cambridge

Summer Internship

I’m a master’s student in the bioinformatics program at UBC. I wanted to put my newly-learned skills to work at a summer internship in industry. At the SBN Biotech Expo and Conference, I was able to meet and chat with a scientist at Boreal Genomics and arrange my current summer internship, which is both enjoyable and challenging.

S. Jackman
MSc Candidate in Bioinformatics at UBC

There is no other organization like it

There is no other organization like it. I have been privileged to work as an executive with the SBN, which has allowed me to develop skills and gain a unique insight into the Biotechnology industry. The true strength of the SBN however, and an important part of its success, are the people and students behind it all. Through the SBN I have met some amazing individuals, that will stay within my network for years to come. Thank you SBN!

Rosabel Bong
BSc. in Biotechnology, Honors at BCIT/UBC

I enjoy contributing to the next generation of biotech leaders

I enjoy contributing whatever I can to the next generation of biotech leaders and have made longstanding acquaintances among students and other mentors.

Paul Stinson
President at CAPRA International Inc.

SBN has the ear of the local industry

The events SBN hosts draw a significant fraction of the student population in the Lower Mainland studying biotechnology, and SBN has the ear of the most influential people in the local biotech industry, as evidenced by their guest speaker lists.

Eric Lagally, PhD
Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia

Taking an active role

I would certainly take notice of SBN membership on an applicant’s resume – it shows they’re taking an active role in equipping themselves to get the career they want.

Jennifer Gardy, PhD
Researcher at BC Centre for Disease Control

Truly Unique!

The forums put on by the SBN are truly unique in creating amazing opportunities for students to network with academia & industry mentors. The interdisciplinary nature of the SBN continues to promote SBN members as the next leaders in many Biotechnology/Life Sciences disciplines

May Kazem
Business Development Associate at Centre for Drug Research and Development

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