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Are you are a leader in the BC biotech community and interested in helping cultivate the next generation of biotech professionals? Become a mentor with the SBN to help us connect students in life sciences with professional development opportunities and expose to them careers in biotech beyond the bench!

  1. The SBN holds regular networking events throughout the year at various locations throughout Vancouver. Attendance by our mentors is integral to the success of these events as many students come to these events to connect with individuals like yourself. We hope our mentors will make an effort to attend these events if possible.
  2. The SBN also hosts our two flagship events – “Building Biotech” and the “Biotech Expo.” These events are typically held at hotels in Downtown Vancouver and is an opportunity for the BC biotech community to come together for an evening to discuss prominent issues in the field. As a mentor, you receive complimentary admission to these events which includes dinner and drink tickets.
  3. The SBN mentorship program is an initiative aims to connect students with mentors that specialize in an area of interest to them in a one-on-one setting. If a student expresses interest in your area, a SBN representative will get in touch with you to confirm your participation. Upon being matched, you and the student will meet and allow the opportunity for the student to ask you their questions. Many of our mentorship pairings consist of only one meeting but it is up to you and the student if you would like to continue meeting.
  1. Must have a long-term position in the biotech industry or extensive industry experience
  2. Must be based in Vancouver or able to attend a number of SBN events during the year
  3. Must demonstrate potential value to our students through your responses in the below application form
  • We hold events every couple of months that typically run from 6-9pm
  • Pairing in our mentorship program usually consists of a one hour meeting with the student at a next by coffee shop or bar. You may decide to meet with the student more than once
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