Why Sponsor SBN

This entirely student-run not-for-profit organization relies on sponsorship from industry, government and academic institutions. Thanks to generous contributions from a wide variety of sponsors we are able to provide students with valuable and high quality events and programs that arm them with the necessary tools and industry contacts to launch a successful career within the Life Sciences.

This year more than ever SBN wishes to work in close partnership with its sponsors, and we are open to collaborations that may be mutually favorable. In addition to the specific benefits of each sponsorship level, other rewards include:

  • National recognition of your sponsorship through the promotion of SBN’s Building Biotech event as part of BIOTECanada’s National Biotech Week
  • Access to high quality and informative events year round as well as to exclusive online video and print material
  • Direct interaction with students from a diversity of academic backgrounds
  • Networking opportunities for current company representatives
  • Build company awareness among a pool of highly motivated potential employees
  • Connections with other networks and events of global importance, such as TGV’s BioPartnering North America which will precede SBN’s Annual Biotech Expo & Conference


If you would like to sponsor SBN, please email our Corporate Relations Officer at director.corporate[at]thesbn.ca, to explore unique partnership opportunities.

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